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Is it time to convert your wood-burning fireplace?

July 03, 2013

Is it time to convert your wood-burning fireplace?

The fireplace in your living room is probably not top of your list of priorities this summer. But if you’ve just moved into a home with a wood-burning fireplace, have had one in your home for years or are expecting a baby, this summer is the perfect time to investigate converting your wood-burning fireplace into one that burns another energy source.

It used to be that only a wood-burning fireplace could create that perfect winter ambience in your living room, but not any longer. There are some fantastic gas and propane fireplaces on the market today. So if ambience is no longer an issue, the other baggage that comes with owning a wood-burning fireplace may suddenly seem a little heavier to bear.

Burning wood may be carbon neutral—in other words, whether you burn it or let it decay, it releases the same amount of carbon—but the burning process releases into the air countless tiny specks of pollution known as particulate matter.

Health concerns
Particulate matter is dangerous to our health. The tiny specks can be breathed deep into our lungs and can even reach our bloodstream. And the specks are full of dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer and other respiratory diseases. The pollutants are particularly tough on younger children, with a Canadian study suggesting that woodsmoke can cause ear infections.

Plain hard work
Wood-burning fireplaces are a lot of work—from humping loads of logs indoors (and the mess that makes) to making sure you have kindling, keeping the fire burning, watching for those flaming embers that have a tendency to fly out and cleaning the fireplace ready for the next session—there’s plenty to keep you busy.

If you are considering converting your wood-burning fireplace, the process is not as daunting as you may think. Inserts can be purchased that fit into the stonework of existing wood-burning fireplaces, and then you can convert them to gas or propane. Both fuels are cleaner, less work and easy to operate.

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