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Best practices for locating a quality gas and wood-burning fireplace fan-kit supplier

December 30, 2013

Best practices for locating a quality gas and wood-burning fireplace fan-kit supplier

The mercury in the thermometer is plummeting, and the nights are closing in. Yes, it’s the time of year when your gas and wood-burning fireplace fan-kit sales spike. But maybe this year, you need to find a new supplier for your company. Maybe the recent Great Recession claimed your last supplier as a victim, or maybe you weren’t happy with the service they provided. Either way, you need to find a new supplier—one you can trust, one that will be reliable produce superior quality products for your clients.

But how do you go about finding a new supplier you can count on?

Begin by establishing the code for your products in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). Then you can look for suppliers in that code.

You can search through literally thousands of suppliers from the comfort of your office chair, using the Internet. Take the time to check out company websites. Look for websites that are current and being regularly updated. Also ensure the websites are well written and contain information pertinent to your requirements.

Trade shows are a great resource for finding suppliers in the products you need. Again, you can begin by searching online for trade show websites, and then check out the exhibitor lists you find there.

Despite the Internet’s effect on magazine publishing as a whole, there are still plenty of trade magazines out there—full of stories about suppliers, as well as company ads and listings.

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